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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is a national leader in basic and clinical research and innovative approaches to cancer diagnosis, treatment and health disparities.

Our center has unique collaborations with major scientific organizations such as the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Davis departments and schools including the School of Veterinary Medicine. These partnerships have resulted in new imaging techniques that improve cancer detection, better drug therapies and therapeutic strategies, and more effective approaches to treating and curing cancer.

Our basic science programs

Our basic science programs are made up of cancer center members who are experts in various disciplines with scientific interests in some of the most complex challenges in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Molecular Oncology

A cadre of scientists working to unravel cancer’s molecular secrets to better understand, diagnose and treat cancers

Comparative Oncology

Veterinarians and oncologists working together to advance cancer research and treatment for pets that could ultimately benefit human patients

Cancer Therapeutics

Clinical scientists and basic scientists developing innovative methods for identifying and developing new agents and delivery systems to treat cancer

Biomedical Technology

A team of researchers applying innovative engineering technologies to solve challenges in tumor detection and analysis, drug delivery and disease monitoring to improve cancer care and outcomes

Population Sciences and Health Disparities

Researchers dedicated to understanding why cancer affects people differently and finding ways to eliminate disparities among racial and ethnic groups

Clinical research at UC Davis

More than 400 cancer clinical trials are currently under way at UC Davis. The Office of Clinical Research is responsible for overseeing and managing investigator-initiated, industry-sponsored and federally funded Phase I-III trials at the cancer center.

Research highlights

Our basic scientists and physician scientists work together to bring new discoveries to the clinic for better patient care and treatment. Our scientists are involved in numerous National Institutes of Health funded projects. The projects run the gamet from collaboration on the development of better research models for new therapies to an early-phase phase clinical research program to comparative oncology studies using pet dogs with tumors to test novel therapies for human patients.

Membership resources for researchers

Become a part of the research community at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. Learn more about becoming a member and the shared resources available to our researchers.