Dealing with the new way of life during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can be overwhelming for parents and children, especially when it comes to schooling and working at home.

Below is a list of useful resources, videos and podcasts from UC Davis Health experts for parents to help their children during this unique time. Get additional information about novel coronavirus and what you should know

Reopening schools amid COVID-19 can be done safely, pediatricians say

Two pediatricians examine the science that shows it's both important to open schools for our children and possible to do it safely.

Teacher unlocking classroom

How school closures are impacting kids and what reopenings look like

In this podcast, pediatricians Dean Blumberg and Lena van der List discuss how school closure have impacted families and children, and what the CDC's school reopening guidelines say.

Stuffed bear wearing mask surrounded by medical equipment

Pediatricians discuss coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and your family

In this podcast, pediatricians Dean Blumberg and Lena van der List answer COVID-19 questions and talk about vaccine studies related to children.

Pregnant nurse battles COVID-19, delivers baby while in ICU

Diana Estrada-Arauza was 33 years old with no chronic diseases or conditions, but while on maternity leave, she became sick with COVID-19.