Breakthroughs that address the health challenges facing our world are at the core of UC Davis Health and the UC Davis Medical Center's mission to discover and share knowledge to advance health. UC Davis conducts more than 1,000 research studies annually, including basic science and clinical trial research – all with the goal of bringing new, effective and safe treatments to patients more quickly, including patients of UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

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Cancer clinical trials

A cancer clinical trial offers pediatric patients today’s newest drugs and breakthrough treatments. In a clinical trial, children are followed closely over time to see which treatments offer the best chance for cure with the fewest side effects.

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For more information about pediatric cancer clinical trials, call UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Pediatric Clinical Trials Office at 916-734-2780.

MIND Institute research studies

Research studies are currently under way at the MIND Institute for individuals with autism, fragile X syndrome, ADHD, Down syndrome, Tourette syndrome and other disorders that can prevent children from living lives of normalcy and independence. Participation in these studies helps speed our progress toward understanding causes, improving treatments and eventually finding cures for these disorders.