Woman conducting a video chat on a smartphone. (C). Pixabay.

We offer Virtual Visits, eConsultations and eReferrals as part of our focus on connected health programs. Our goal is to support patient-centered, convenient services that improve access to health care. 

Highlighted ServicesFemale doctors conducting virtual consultation.

  • Specialty consults for patients as requested by a primary care physician.
  • Post-operative telehealth visits with a surgeon.
  • Genetic counseling via virtual visits.
  • Pre-screening for clinical trials via virtual visits.
  • Remote patient monitoring for disease management (such as hypertension).

Patients can access virtual services through their computer or mobile device, similar to a FaceTime or Skype session. This allows patients to get care when and where they need it, without having to take time off from work or school to travel to the doctor's office. Health care providers can easily request a consultation via the integrated workflow process embedded into the electronic health record.

UC Davis Health offers virtual visits in 16 subspecialties (both adult and pediatric) to all 15 primary care network sites and hospital-based clinics, including the UC Davis Health Lawrence Ellison Ambulatory Care Center and Cypress Building. More specialties are being added as participating doctors become available.