Innovative Technology for Educators

UC Davis Health neurologist Alan Yee, D.O., uses the Learning Glass.UC Davis Health neurologist Alan Yee, D.O., is an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Neurology. He's using the learning glass to help his students better understand the central and peripheral causes of dizziness.

The UC Davis Health Office of Continuing Medical Education seeks innovative tools to assist educators in creating engaging learning experiences. The Learning Glass is one such instrument. 

Instructors know the value of making a connection with the learner when educating. With the use of a Learning Glass, educators are able to maintain important face-to-face contact with the learner while illustrating and recording their lecture. 

Our instructors in Neurology and Biochemistry are already seeing the value of using this innovative and exciting technology.

Watch our instructional video for more information about how to use the Learning Glass and who to contact to set up a training session.

Learning Glass Resources


Dr. Sandhya Venugopal, associate dean for continuing medical education, shows faculty how to use the Learning Glass.

Watch our instructional video to learn the basics of using the Learning Glass, from the tools needed to record a successful lesson to the best practices to implement while recording.

For detailed instructions, download the How to Use the Learning Glass document (PDF).

For more information, or to schedule a demonstration, please call us at (916) 734-5352.