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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a modern, secure software application for building and managing online clinical research databases and survey forms. REDCap is compliant with HIPAA. The application allows users to create research databases and data entry web-based forms that link the data collected with existing statistical software tools. It is a replacement for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access databases for study data, improving data security, online access and the quality of data collected. To register for a REDCap training session, please fill out the registration form.

Steps to Create a REDCap Project

1. Request a project database in REDCap by submitting a CTSC Service Request.

  • Complete the online CTSC Service Request form and select "Biomedical Informatics/Data Collection and Management" from the list of services.
  • In the resulting dropdown list, select “Build Electronic Data Capture Databases and Forms (REDCap).”

2. Follow instructions provided by Biomedical Informatics Staff after they have reviewed your service request.

    Note: Please do not submit the project level agreement form until you have been contacted by an informatics team member.
    • A Biomedical Informatics staff member will contact you about the next procedural steps, including instructions and requirements for submitting a REDCap Project Level Agreement (PDF).
    • At this time, you will be provided the CTSC Service Request number that is needed to complete your project level agreement form. You will also need to supply an IRB protocol and approval letter.
    • Specify the roles and permissions (XLSX) of your study team members by filling out the spreadsheet accessed through the provided link. To complete the form, you will need to supply team members’ UC Davis email addresses and Kerberos IDs (no passwords).
    • Email the completed spreadsheet to the Biomedical Informatics staff  ( to ensure that users will be granted access to the database with the roles and permissions indicated.
      Note: For study team members who do not already have an active REDCap account, please follow Step 3 below. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

      3. Submit an access request through the UC Davis Health IT Service Hub (ServiceNow) 

      4. Build your REDCap database

        5. Finalize the database

          • Upload the data dictionary to your REDCap project.
          • Enter any number of test patients while in development mode to make sure all fields work as intended.
          • Check that all documentation requested in the previous steps have been submitted as the database will not be moved to production until
            • The REDCap Project Level Agreement (PDF) has been signed by the Principal Investigator.
            • The project has been approved by the IRB (we will need your IRB Approval/Exemption letter).

          6. Contact Biomedical Informatics staff when you are ready to move your REDCap project to production mode

          • Once the IRB Approval/Exemption letter and Project Level Agreement are on file with the Biomedical Informatics group, and you have validated all forms and fields, the Informatics group will move your project from development mode into production mode. At that point, you may start collecting real patient data.

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          Text for IRB and Grant Submissions

          Text for IRB and Grant Submissions can be found here.