Patients, Bodhi and Bear

Patient Stories

Mike, UC Davis Health back surgery patient

Mike's story

Mike has spent his whole career as a pilot. But when his 7 to 10 hours a day sitting in a cockpit became unbearable, UC Davis Health came to his rescue.

Patient, Lizzy

Lizzy’s story

After hardly being sick a day in her life and having no family history of cancer, 40-year-old Lizzy found herself hearing the words no one expects to hear.

Patient, Jorge

Jorge’s story

An extraordinary procedure to replace his diseased knee with his own healthy ankle would give him better mobility for a more active life.

Bodhi and his brother Bear

Bodhi and Bear’s story

After a rare life-saving surgery while still in their mother's womb, two twin boys were saved by local experts before they were even born.

Julian, sports medicine patient, is spinning a basketball

Julian's story

For Julian, playing basketball has always been more than just a game. So when a sports injury placed him on the bench, a UC Davis Health doctor was able to get him back on the court and in playing shape.

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