The UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine, along with its residency program, benefit from a diverse faculty firmly committed to house staff education. With more than 30 full-time faculty at UC Davis Health and 14 at Kaiser south hospital, the faculty group is larger than most other emergency medicine residency programs in the country. The vast majority of the UC Davis Health faculty are residency trained and board certified, and many have multiple certifications. Their backgrounds cover a number of areas of focused expertise within emergency medicine, including toxicology, critical care, and pediatric emergency medicine. At both training sites, the faculty provide direct resident supervision 24 hours a day, often with multiple attending physicians present in the emergency department. In addition, they represent many different practice perspectives.

Our department also hosts an internationally-known team of researchers working on the causes and prevention of violence. Faculty in this program come from medicine and psychiatry and from other fields: epidemiology, sociology, public policy, and economics, among others. Opportunities exist for postdoctoral research fellows and both clinical and non-clinical learners at many levels of training.

Our Staff