Introduction to MyInfoVault For Faculty

MyInfoVault is the official merit and promotion system for the University of California, Davis. It is a web-based system and database designed to streamline the academic review process by reducing redundant data entry, allowing remote review of packets, and reusing data for many purposes. This is a very basic, introductory course intended to help faculty get started using the program.

MyInfoVault is a useful tool to:

  • Produce and keep up to date CV’s and NIH Biosketch forms
  • Store data related to publications, service, grants/contracts, honors, etc
  • Link to PubMed for easy access of publications

This course will also introduce you to the requirements for merits and promotions at the University of California Davis by:

  • Providing merit and promotion toolkits
  • Understanding MIV data storage through an interactive MIV guide.

Presented by:  Academic Personnel

Audience:  All Faculty

The date of this workshop has passed. We hope to offer it again soon.