Committee Charter

This committee shall meet at least monthly and shall consist of a Housestaff representative from each Clinical Department.  A representative from Nursing Service, Hospital Administration, and Graduate Medical Education shall also be appointed to the committee.  The Committee provides a formal mechanism for Housestaff participation in the development, review, and evaluation for Housestaff patient care responsibilities and functions in the University of California, Davis, Health System, to include:  professional performance, performance improvement, risk management and patient satisfaction.  The Resident Medical Staff Committee shall be advisory to the Medical Staff Executive Committee.  The Chairperson of the Resident Medical Staff Committee shall serve as a member of the Medical Staff Executive Committee.  The proceedings and records of the Committee shall be maintained as confidential and a copy of minutes submitted to the Medical Staff Executive Committee.

Resident Medical Staff Committee (RMSC) Charter (PDF)

RMSC Leadership

Joseph Kim, M.D., IM & Psychiatry, PGY-4


Steffan Soosman, M.D., Radiology, PGY-5

Vice Chair of Hospital Based Services

Elise Boykin, M.D., Internal Medicine, PGY-3

Vice Chair of Medical Based Services

Anna Xue, M.D., Cardiothoracic Surgery, PGY-4

Vice Chair of Surgical Based Services

Sarah Stokes, M.D., General Surgery, PGY-5

Quality Improvement Officer

Jorge Salazar, M.D., Internal Medicine, PGY-3

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer

Magi Aurora, M.D., FM & Psychiatry, PGY-4

Wellness Officer

Zakir Safdar, M.D., Internal Medicine, PGY-3

Social Media Chair

Dana Sheng, M.D., PM&R, PGY-4

Social Media Chair

RMSC members will be notified when nominations are open for the current year.  Voting takes place in early spring. All nominations must demonstrate a tangible benefit to contribute to patient care needs (either inpatient or outpatient areas).

For more information please contact Lori Simperman at 916-734-0435 |