NEWS | April 24, 2020

Creative Arts Therapy: Hand-crafted paper flowers symbolize new beginnings [video]

On April 24, community members enjoyed a paper flower-making activity on Facebook Live with Jennifer Miller, an art therapist in the pediatric infusion room at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and Katherine MacDonald, programming coordinator in the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy department at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

Gather the materials listed below, and watch a recording of the activity with step-by-step instructions,

To catch the next installment in the series (3 p.m. each Friday) and to see videos of past guided art projects, visit the UC Davis Children’s Hospital Facebook page.

Materials for paper flowers

1. Printer paper or paper of your choice (construction paper, cardstock, etc)
2. Petal Template (found here)
3. A pencil and eraser
4. Scissors
5. Clear tape (alternatives include hot glue or a glue stick if tape is not available)
6. Coloring supplies (markers, crayons, paint, etc) *optional

For a head start, cut out the petals prior to watching the video. You'll need:
* 8 small petals
* 16 to 18 large petals