NEWS | April 16, 2020

UC Davis Health is hiring for a range of positions


UC Davis Health is reaching out to community partners to let them know the health system is hiring for nearly 120 jobs, including entry level positions.

“We know a lot of people are struggling and we want the community to know we’re still open for business,” said Lyndon Huling, Leadership Recruitment and Diversity Services manager. “We’re still recruiting. UC Davis Health positions are often highly specialized, but we also need support at many levels to help keep everything running smoothly.”

The number and nature of the jobs with the health system and with UC Davis continue to evolve, but Huling said a good percentage would be a fit for entry level workers and people recently out of work.

“We know we will be posting new opportunities along with what we have now, but it’s hard to know exactly what those will be in this unusual time we’re in,” he said. 

UC Davis Health usually conducts more than 50 outreach events yearly to offer prospective applicants details about jobs and to provide an understanding of the hiring process and where people might fit. But April events were cancelled and it is unclear when new ones can be held.

“We want to give people a peek behind the curtain to understand and demystify our hiring process,” Huling said. “We want applicants to feel confident they’re putting their best foot forward when they apply. So we’re reaching out to community partners such as the Employment Development Department, veterans’ groups, community colleges and others to get the word out as much as possible.”

Recently, UC Davis Health hired a number of custodians during a time when many hospitality industry professionals have been displaced.

The hiring team will be hosting an online job talk on May 28 and is working to put some of that outreach information online and to spread it through the community. In the meantime, view more details about that session and other future outreach events, which will be shared with community partners. Those interested can also view information about jobs currently available at UC Davis Health or UC Davis.

“The UC Davis Health workforce is comprised of many individuals from our local community,” Huling said. “We understand the integral role the community plays in our success and we are committed to doing our part to put people to work.”