NEWS | March 2, 2020

UC Davis Medical Center has sufficient resources to deal with novel coronavirus

Thanks to clear protocols and strong relationships with equipment suppliers, medical center is well-prepared to handle the viral outbreak


At UC Davis Health, the safety of our patients, staff, physicians and visitors is our top priority at all times. We regularly handle patients with infectious diseases and we have robust infection control protocols in place to treat such illnesses, including novel coronavirus. UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and all clinics throughout the region are open and serving patients. Patients who have appointments should keep them.

UC Davis Medical Center UC Davis Medical Center

The UC Davis Medical Center is not encountering any shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). We are a large, top-ranked medical center with good relationships with our suppliers, so we have sufficient supplies.  We have revisited our storage of PPE, specifically masks, after some instances of theft, so they are now kept more securely, but are still available for appropriate use.

Taking care of individuals with complex illnesses, including infectious diseases like novel coronavirus (COVID-19), is nothing new for our care teams – we do it every single day. Our teams are trained and equipped to treat patients with symptoms of novel coronavirus and any other infectious disease.

Our managers are highly skilled and trained to make the best decisions based on clear protocols about the use of equipment needed. Managers undergo regular trainings, and requests from staff who wish to use protective gear are not refused, unless the use of such supplies is not clinically indicated. Requests from staff who wish to use protective gear are always fulfilled when clinically indicated for the patient’s care. There are many infection control and management measures in place at all times and the medical center always takes numerous precautions to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, physicians and visitors.

We cannot comment on specific patients or employees, due to privacy laws. The media reports that claim 124 UC Davis Medical Center workers have been quarantined are inaccurate. The medical center, as always, is well-prepared to handle any fluctuation in staff or patients through existing protocols to ensure we always have enough nurses, physicians and staff to provide high-quality patient care no matter the circumstances. The medical center routinely prepares for these types of situations with simulation drills. We have the right people, with the right training, facilities and processes to ensure the healthiest and safest environment for everyone at all times.

For information about steps taken last week, see our message from February 26.

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