Leonard Abbeduto, Ph.D.Leonard Abbeduto, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Phone: 916-703-0234
E-mail: ljabbeduto@ucdavis.edu

Michele OnoMichele Ono, M.S.
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 916-703-0274
E-mail: myono@ucdavis.edu

Administrative and Research Staff

Shannon Barber, MPH
LEND Program Coordinator
Executive Assistant to Aubyn Stahmer, Ph.D.
Phone: 916-703-0223
E-mail: sabarber@ucdavis.edu

Norman Brulé
Clinical Research Quality/Compliance Manager
Phone: 916-703-0296
E-mail: ndbrule@ucdavis.edu

Felicia Carrillo
Finance/Operations Assistant III
Phone: 916-703-0253
E-mail: fcarrillo@ucdavis.edu

Caryn Chalmers
Community Education Specialist
Phone: 916-734-4628
E-mail: cxchalmers@ucdavis.edu

Gabrielle Dunne
Grants Administrator
Phone: 916-703-0395
E-mail: gpdunne@ucdavis.edu

David Findley
Information Technology Director
Phone: 916-703-0273
E-mail: dpfindley@ucdavis.edu

Gayna Guidici
Senior Administrative Assistant for the
Autism Center of Excellence,
Executive Asst. to David Amaral, Ph.D.
Phone: 916-703-0237
E-mail: glguidici@ucdavis.edu

Patrick Hugunin
Video Production Producer/Director
Phone: 916-703-0283
E-mail: pmhugunin@ucdavis.edu 

Diane Larzelere
Research Analyst I
Phone: 916-703-0268
E-mail: larzelere@ucdavis.edu

Dawn Lloyd
Executive Assistant to the Director
Phone: 916-703-0263
E-mail: delloyd@ucdavis.edu 

Melissa Miller
Autism BrainNet Coordinator
Phone: 916-703-0275
E-mail: melmil@ucdavis.edu

Julie Morcillo
Executive Assistant to
Randi Hagerman, M.D.
Phone: 916-703-0257
E-mail: jamorcillo@ucdavis.edu

Erin Roseborough
Child Life Specialist II
Phone: 916-703-0222
E-mail: emroseborough@ucdavis.edu

Brenda L. Shelton
Research Clinic Operations
Phone: 916-703-0343
E-mail: blshelton@ucdavis.edu

Rhonda Wayne
Phlebotomist III
Phone: 916-703-0332
E-mail: rwayne@ucdavis.edu

Massie Family Clinic

Jennifer Berger-Coleman
Medical Assistant II
Phone: 916-703-0354
E-mail: jlbergercoleman@ucdavis.edu

Lanaya Burnett
Phone: 916-703-0431
E-Mail: lmburnett@ucdavis.edu

Shawn DePeralta
Phone: 916-703-0309
E-mail: sdeperalta@ucdavis.edu

Nicole Diab
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Phone: 916-703-0337
E-mail: nrdiab@ucdavis.edu

Lisa Gaynes
Practice Manager
Phone: 916-703-0236
E-mail: lgaynes@ucdavis.edu

Jennifer Jenkins
Phone: 916-703-0326
E-Mail: jachacon@ucdavis.edu

June LaMarr
Phone: 916-703-0440
E-mail: jhlamarr@ucdavis.edu

Leah Larez
Phone: 916-703-0311
E-mail: lclarez@ucdavis.edu

Julaila Musgrove
Phone: 916-703-0308
E-mail: jtmusgrove@ucdavis.edu

Marian Ramos
Medical Assistant II
Phone: 916-703-0334
E-mail: mbrramos@ucdavis.edu

Angelina Valdez
Phone: 916-703-0312
E-mail: angvaldez@ucdavis.edu