Frederick J. Meyers, M.D., MACP

Frederick J. Meyers, M.D., MACP
Director, Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Dr. Frederick Meyers is the director of the Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences and distinguished professor of hematology and oncology at UC Davis School of Medicine. He has a long-standing interest in cancer biology, clinical trials and palliative care with a focus on advanced and metastatic malignancies. In the 1980s he founded one of the first palliative care centers in the country. He was part of the leadership team that helped achieve the nationwide status of UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. His service to the university has included 12 years as chair of the Department of Internal Medicine followed by seven years as executive associate dean and vice dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine.  

As of 2016, with the advent of the United States Precision Medicine Initiative, Meyers was asked to lead and integrate precision medicine across all the colleges and schools at UC Davis and the communities it serves. He wrote the education chapter for the California governor’s precision medicine action plan. He has developed a network among the University of California sister campuses, the state and other partners, making the UC Davis Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences a leader in precision medicine.

"His enduring passion is to find precise, targeted and individualized cures for cancer and other diseases to achieve population health."

Meyers is strongly committed to the career development of junior, MD and PhD, pre-and postdoctoral scholars. He has a distinguished record of education and workforce development. He is nationally known for leading innovative research career development training programs for physician scientists and pre-and postdoctoral fellows. He has served as the director of research education and career development in the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) since its inception and has been the principal investigator of several training grants. The award of the Arline Miller Rolkin Professorship in Clinical Effectiveness underscores his commitment to take science to the bedside. His appointment as associate director for cancer education, training and workforce development unites the CTSC and Comprehensive Cancer Center research education efforts. 

In 2018, he founded the UC Davis School of Medicine Academic Research Careers for Medical Doctors (ARC-MD) program. Its goal is to provide medical students with the foundational skills and professional development that promote a successful career as a physician scientist.

Meyers is the immediate past president of the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS), a national organization. He was recently appointed president of CARES, Center for Aids Research Education and Services in Sacramento. In sum, he is a very well-respected internist, oncologist, expert in precision medicine and academician with outstanding record of mentoring and representing the UC Davis School of Medicine.

Christopher J. Wang, MBA, CRAChristopher J. Wang, MBA, CRA
Chief Administrative Officer, Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Christopher Wang serves as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences. He oversees personnel, finance, contracts, agreements, marketing and other aspects of daily operations, as well as the various areas of research support for precision medicine. He has 15 years of experience in research administration. He served as a research manager in various departments at the UC Davis Medical Center and worked at UC Davis Office of Research reviewing and negotiating various contracts and agreements. He has been involved in many research committees at UC Davis Health and holds a national certification in research administration. He has bachelors degrees in both Finance and Media Arts and Animation. Chris is a graduate of the Sacramento State MBA program.

Marsha MannisMarsha Mannis
Analyst, Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Marsha Mannis is the analyst for the Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences. Marsha supports personnel, finance and administrative functions for the Center and coordinates everything from large meetings to daily functions of the office. She has supported Dr. Fred Meyers as an analyst for 11 years and was a founding member of the Center. Marsha has 30 years of administrative experience including 10 years in the Dean’s Office at UC Davis Health. During her first two years of employment at UC Davis Health, she assisted the original small team that founded the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing.

Jennifer SanchezJennifer Sanchez
Program Coordinator, Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Jennifer Sanchez is the program coordinator for the Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences as well as the Precision Nutrition Program. She is responsible for assisting in the implementation of the Center’s strategic plan, organizing and tracking program initiatives, providing support for research administration and developing and executing the Center’s marketing and social media plans. Jennifer has 10 years of project coordination and marketing experience from previous startup and state association positions. Jennifer is enrolled in the Project Management Certificate Program online through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

Aniket Alurwar, M.S.Aniket Alurwar, M.S.
Clinical Informatics Specialist

Aniket Alurwar is a clinical informatics specialist at the Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences. He has 10 years of experience in data analytics and provides expertise in designing, creating, deploying and managing the data for clinical research projects at UC Davis. His passion includes creating artificial intelligence/machine learning models and their application in the healthcare industry.

Aniket has a master’s degree (MS) in computer science from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Prior to joining UC Davis Health, he worked at various FORTUNE 500 companies implementing the complete data analytics life cycle starting from acquisition of data from heterogenous sources, organizing and integrating those data sources in a central data lake, to creating various reports, dashboards and portals which those companies use to run their businesses. 

Ronit Ridberg, Ph.D., M.S.Ronit Ridberg, Ph.D., M.S.
Manager, Precision Nutrition Program

Dr. Ronit Ridberg is a researcher and policy analyst working at the intersection of nutrition, food policy and health care. Current projects include evaluations of programs to address food insecurity in and outside the clinical setting (produce prescriptions; fruit and vegetable vouchers). She has consulted on more than a dozen projects in California, Massachusetts and New York related to healthy food procurement policies in prisons, hospitals, schools and state agencies, as well as best practices to expand regional food system distribution infrastructure.

Ridberg holds a Ph.D. in nursing science and health care leadership from UC Davis and an M.S. in nutrition, food and agriculture policy from Tufts University.

Prabhu Shankar, M.D., M.S., MRCP (UK)Prabhu Shankar, M.D., M.S., MRCP (UK)
Clinical Informatician, Assistant Adjunct

Dr. Prabhu Shankar's research interests include use of electronic health record data for research, knowledge modeling, predictive modeling, ontology development and its application for data standardization, integration and computer-assisted reasoning. His other passion is the application of evolving mobile health (mHealth) technologies in healthcare. 

Shankar is an M.D. with a master’s degree (M.S.) in health informatics from the University of Texas at Houston. He brings a wealth of knowledge in medicine and informatics, having worked in healthcare in India, UK and USA. He has participated in full cycle implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) in primary/specialty care practices and worked with business intelligence tools to mine EHR data for research studies.

He is experienced in the full cycle of healthcare data: from configuring the systems to generate useful data to fully utilizing the data for new knowledge generation for the common good. In his current position, Shankar plays a key role in requirements analysis, research design, data extraction and implementation of clinical research projects at UC Davis.

He teaches Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) and Clinical Knowledge for Health Informaticians courses in the Master’s in Health Informatics Program at UC Davis.