UC Irvine/UC Davis Train New Trainers-Primary Care Psychiatry Fellowship

An interprofessional fellowship certificate program for improved access to mental health care

The UC Irvine/UC Davis TNT-PCP fellowship is a year-long clinical education certificate program for primary care oriented trainees and providers (e.g. internal medicine, family medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, psychiatric nursing) who wish to receive advanced training in primary care psychiatry.  Primary care psychiatry is targeted at the most frequently encountered mental health related disorders and treatments. Mental health providers may also benefit from this fellowship and are also welcome to submit an application for enrollment. This is not a traditional or ACGME-approved fellowship.

The primary goal of the TNT-PCP fellowship is to provide mentorship and teaching in the area of primary care psychiatry. Trainees will learn how to complete an evidence-based and efficient psychiatric interview in the busy primary care or medical setting. They will also be trained to effectively diagnose and treat commonly encountered psychiatric conditions such as: mood, anxiety, psychotic and substance misuse disorders. Most importantly, these trainees will learn how to teach these principles to their primary care colleagues.

TNT PCP Fellows 2016


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"The TNT PCP fellowship has provided an additive of knowledge to both my practice in the county setting and private practice. Starting with the basics and building with cases and one-on-one time with my mentor, I have been able to immediately change how I interact with patients to help them with better outcomes and help me with less stressful, more streamlined methods. The mentors and lecturers are leaders in their respective blended psychiatric and medial fields. I am so glad you offered this remarkable program". Michelle Leary, D.O.
Assistant Professor, Primary Care Department
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Family Medicine, Solano County
"It makes sense to treat all of my patients’ health issues at once, rather than limit my help solely to their physical illnesses". Sara Teasdale, M.D.
Associate Physician
Department of Internal Medicine
UC Davis Health
"I am a practicing pediatrician and see firsthand how many children and teens need mental health support. After participating in TNT, I now feel as though I can more actively treat my patients' symptoms with the techniques taught in the fellowship program. The case based modules and practical experience gained during the program have enhanced my learning and increased my confidence in delivering mental health support to my patients in the office".
Anita Jain, M.D.
Department of Pediatrics
Primary Care Network
UC Davis Health
"The program helped me become more aware of signs and symptoms of people who may be suffering from undiagnosed mental illnesses. It provided excellent training so I can work with patients to figure out what’s really bothering them. Research demonstrates that we are all influenced by our physical, emotional, and social (bio-psycho-social) situations. None of these conditions occurs in a vacuum—they all influence each other".
Larry Aguirre, P.A.
Little Lake Health Center
Willits, CA

“I have so enjoyed this training; the best learning method and relevancy to clinical practice in my entire career. My outcomes not only materialized but also met the mission statement of the “TNT” program goals.”

Helen Wetter, NP

Contact Information

For more information or questions about the TNT PCP Fellowship, please contact the program coordinator, Kamilah McGuire at krmcguir@hs.uci.edu or 714-456-5823.