Presentations at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, October 2020

Comprehensive background check policies and firearm violence: Identifying effective design, implementation, and enforcement strategies

Rose Kagawa*, Ayush Patel, LeAnn Gajunia, Amanda Charbonneau, and Garen Wintemute


Firearm purchasing patterns and firearm suicide risk: A case control study of legal handgun purchasers in California

Julia Schleimer*, Rose Kagawa, Christopher McCort, Colette Smirniotis, Aaron Shev, Elizabeth Tomsich, Mona Wright, Garen Wintemute, and Hannah Laqueur


Extreme risk protection order policies: A qualitative look at nationwide and state-specific news media coverage

Rocco Pallin, Amanda Aubel*, Christopher Knoepke, Veronica Pear, Garen Wintemute, and Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz


Using machine learning to identify firearm suicide risk factors and predict firearm suicide risk

Colette Smirniotis,* Christopher McCort, Julia Schleimer, Aaron Shev, Rose Kagawa Garen Wintemute, and Hannah Laqueur


Preventing firearm injury in children: Findings from the California safety and wellbeing survey (CSaWS)

Rocco Pallin*, Garen Wintemute, and Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz


Perceived and objective assessments of neighborhood safety and gun violence worries among California adults

Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz*, Julia Schleimer, Rocco Pallin, and Garen Wintemute


Patterns of firearm ownership and opinions on firearm policies in California

Julia Schleimer*, Rocco Pallin, Garen Wintemute, Amanda Charbonneau, and Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz


It depends: Perceptions of safety related to firearm ownership and carrying

Rocco Pallin*, Amanda Aubel, Garen Wintemute, and Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz