About the Prevention Policy & Practice Group (PPPG)

The Prevention Policy & Practice Group (PPPG) is a multi-disciplinary team of public health and preventive medicine professionals dedicated to advancing population health and well-being. PHG has worked in a range of settings including communities, institutions, worksites, and health systems. We conduct studies, forge connections, and design and implement programs and policies that catalyze measurable improvements in the health of populations, large and small.


Provide Context and Conceptualize the Big Picture

We meet partners where they are and work with them to understand their needs, aspirations, and opportunities for action. We then help them select or design evidence-based programs and policies to achieve their goals, using our network of specialists and content experts.

Engineer Strategies and Inform Action

We help partners manage organizational and system change from conceptualization through planning, execution, evaluation, dissemination, and maintenance.

Conduct Engaged, Applied Research

We bridge academic, governmental, and community sectors to conduct robust qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation.

Core Capabilities

  • Population health improvement, linking health care and public health perspectives
  • Strategic planning and leadership development
  • Change management and performance improvement
  • Evidence-informed program and policy design and implementation
  • Descriptive and analytic epidemiology, and comprehensive evaluation


Koa Family Study

A community-based, randomized controlled trial to address overweight/obesity and improve health and well-being among low-income mothers.

Population Health Strategy

Providing consultation on strategic planning for a California county health agency.

Medi-Cal Quality Improvement

Advanced quality and prevention in the Medi-Cal health care system.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

1631 Alhambra Blvd, Suite 200

Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 731-2563

Email: drbackman@ucdavis.edu