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CHPR Faculty Member Collaborates with UC Davis Department of Liguistics to Bring Knowledge in Opioid-Related Policies

CHPR faculty member and associate professor of Internal Medicine, Stephen Henry, M.D., collaborates with doctoral candidate, Peter Torres of UC Davis Department of Liguistics to bring knowledge in opioid-related policies.

CHPR Informed UC Davis Health Partnership to Develop a “Community for Health and Independence”

October 2021

UC Davis Health announced this month that it is partnering with AKT Development Corporation (AKT) to develop a future “Community for Health and Independence” near its planned Folsom Ranch medical campus. The UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) informed this public-private partnership by preparing a white paper that explored how the two partners might leverage their respective experience and expertise to create a planned community focused on healthy aging in place for all its residents, including vulnerable and developmentally disabled adults.

The CHPR report includes a description of regional demographics, existing resources for older and vulnerable adults, examples of model communities, and an overview of research on use of technology, the built environment, and community-based interventions to facilitate aging in place. It also describes opportunities and challenges associated with the University maintaining a relationship with the future “Community for Health and Independence” that include conducting community-based research and education to eliminate current gaps in knowledge about the interplay between social, physical, and environmental factors that influence healthy aging.

More details about the “Community for Health and Independence” project and the partnership between UC Davis Health and AKT can be found in the UC Davis Health online Newsroom and in articles in the Sacramento Business Journal and The Sacramento Bee

Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola Receives National Awards for Reducing Latino Health Disparities

October 2021

Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, M.D., Ph.D., has recently been recognized by two national organizations for his work on reducing health disparities among Latino populations and Hispanics. Dr. Aguilar-Gaxiola is director of the UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities, a professor of internal medicine at UC Davis Health, and a faculty member affiliate of the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR).

He received the 2021 National Award of Excellence in Research by a Senior Investigator from the National Hispanic Science Network for his outstanding track record of “consistent contributions to the field of drug abuse that are culturally innovative, demonstrate some of the unique aspects of drug abuse among Hispanics, and/or having impacted the larger field of drug abuse research.” And, at its annual conference, the National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA) bestowed upon Dr. Aguilar-Gaxiola its 2021 Lifetime Award for the Advancement of Latino Behavioral Health. Dr. Aguilar-Gaxiola was also a keynote speaker at this year’s virtual NLBHA conference.

Congratulations, Dr. Aguilar-Gaxiola, for these well-deserved honors!

CHPR Receives $7.5M to Aid California’s Tobacco Cessation Effort

September 2021

The California Department of Public Health has awarded a 5-year $7.5 million grant to the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) to provide intensive training and technical assistance on smoking cessation to some 40 community clinics serving at-risk populations. This smoking cessation program has been named the Healthy Living Clinic Initiative (HLCI).

HLCI’s leaders at CHPR include the Center’s Associate Director, Jeffrey Hoch, who is also professor and Chief of the Division of Health Policy and Management in the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences; Desiree Backman, Chief of the Prevention Policy and Practice Group (PPPG) at CHPR; and Neal Kohatsu, Chief Health Strategist of PPPG.

New Study on Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women Published

September 2021

Previously conducted research indicated that, for women younger than 65 years old, the higher the density of the tissue in their breasts, the higher their risk for developing breast cancer. A new study published recently in JAMA Network now extends those findings to include women older than 65.

Diana Miglioretti, Ph.D., who co-authored the study along with colleagues in the US Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, noted that their results provide “evidence that breast density remains an important risk factor in older women.” As reported by UPI Miglioretti, a professor and Division Chief of Biostatistics in the UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences and a faculty member with the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR), said that this new evidence could be used, in conjunction with other factors, “to help identify women who may benefit most from continued screening” into their golden years.

New Study Explores Means to Increasing Diversity Among Medical School Students

August 2021

CHPR Interim Direct Anthony Jerant is lead author of an investigation into how taking postbaccalaureate (post-bacc) coursework, or other strategies, might affect the diversity of the students in five UC medical schools, as well as overall student performance or choice of specialty once in medical school. CHPR faculty members Tonya Fancher, M.D., M.P.H., and Peter Franks, M.D., are among the co-authors of the study, which was published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.

New Paper Illustrates how Economic Modeling can Facilitate Health Equity

August 2021

Jeffrey Hoch, Associate Director of the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) and Chief of the Division of Health Policy and Management in the Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS), is the lead author of “How Economic Decision Modeling Can Facilitate Health Equity,” published this month in the AMA Journal of Ethics.

CHPR Researchers Identify Risks Associated with Tapering Opioid Dose for Patients Prescribed Long-term Opioids

August 2021

A team of researchers affiliated with the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) has completed an assessment of whether opioid dose tapering among patients prescribed stable, long-term, high-dose opioids is associated with risks of subsequent overdose or mental health crisis. The team, led by Alicia Agnoli, M.D., M.P.H., M.H.S., published their results in the August 3rd issue of JAMA.

Dr. Agnoli and co-authors of the JAMA paper Elizabeth Magnan, Anthony Jerant, and Joshua Fenton are all faculty members in the UC Davis Department of Family and Community Medicine, while co-author Daniel Tancredi is a faculty member in the Department of Pediatrics. Co-author Guibo Xing, Ph.D., is a staff statistician at CHPR.

CHPR Has Moved!

July 2021

The Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) is pleased to announce that the Center has moved to a new location.

Our new address is 4900 Broadway, Suite 1430, Sacramento, CA 95820.

Our new home is in the Broadway Building on the Sacramento campus of UC Davis, which houses the UC Davis Health System. We thereby remain in close proximity to downtown Sacramento and look forward to continuing to serve the University and wider community through our work facilitating research, promoting education, and informing policy to improve healthcare access, delivery, costs, quality, and outcomes.

Please update your records with our new address. (All other contact information remains the same.)

Parking Information:

CHPR-Affiliated Faculty Receive 2020 Deans’ Excellence Awards

July 2021

The 2020 Deans’ Excellence Awards, which recognize outstanding work by faculty, staff and teams at the UC Davis School of Medicine and Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing (BIMSON), have been announced. The UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) is pleased to note that five of this year’s awardees are UC Davis Health faculty members affiliated with our Center.

CHPR is proud of these excellent clinicians and researchers and agrees with Allison Brashear, Dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine, who said their “work is improving health and changing lives.” Congratulations!  

Director Melnikow goes Emeritus, Anthony Jerant becomes Interim Director of CHPR

July 2021

After serving for 12 years as the director of the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR), and 29 years as a faculty member in the UC Davis Department of Community and Family Medicine, Dr. Joy Melnikow has retired from the University of California. Anthony Jerant, M.D. and Professor and Chair of Community and Family Medicine, has stepped in as Interim Director of CHPR in her stead.

CHPR is grateful for Dr. Melnikow’s leadership over the last 12 years and welcomes Dr. Jerant in his new role with the Center. Congratulations to both Drs. Melnikow and Jerant!

New Report Outlines the Role Land-Use Planning and Community Design can Play in Healthy Aging

June 2021

A new report published by the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) describes how land-use planning and community design can help to prevent or mitigate many age-related barriers to independent living for older residents, including those who are intellectually or developmentally disabled.

June 2021

Adrienne Hoyt-Austin, D.O., has been awarded the 2021 Clinical Fellow Professionalism Award from the UC Davis School of Medicine Alumni Association. The Clinical Fellow Professionalism Award recognizes and honors medical fellows who best exemplify true professionalism in their work, demonstrating all the qualities of a true and outstanding professional as defined by the American Board of Internal Medicinein their day-to-day work with faculty, patients, co-workers and ancillary staff. Congratulations, Dr. Hoyt-Austin!

David Tom Cooke is new President-Elect of the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association

June 2021

David Tom Cooke, M.D., chief of general thoracic surgery at UC Davis Health and a core faculty member with the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR), assumed the position of president-elect of the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association (TSDA) last month. Dr. Cooke is the first African American to hold this position with TSDA. Dr. Cooke served on TSDA’s Executive Committee over the last four years. In May 2023 he will commence his two-year term as the organization’s president. Congratulations, Dr. Cooke!

California’s “T21” Law Reduced Daily Smoking Among Young Adults

June 2021

According to a study conducted by a team of researchers at UC Davis Health t and published in the July 2021 issue of Preventive Medicine, implementation of the law decreased daily smoking among young adults aged 18-20 years.

Jeffrey Hoch selected as one of the 2021 recipients of the Graduate Studies Distinguished Graduate and Postdoctoral Mentoring Award

May 2021

Jeffrey Hoch, Professor and Chief of the Division of Health Policy and Management and CHPR Associate Director was recognized by the Office of Graduate Studies for “outstanding investment in mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral scholars” with a Distinguished Graduate and Postdoctoral Mentoring Award.

Connections Between Vaping/Smoking and COVID-19

May 2021

There's growing evidence that vaping and COVID-19 are very much connected, Elisa Tong, M.D., explained in an interview with Mic earlier this month.

CHPR Doctors Receive “Cultivating Team Science” Award

May 2021

A new, multidisciplinary research team headed by Stephen Henry, M.D., has been awarded a Cultivating Team Science award from the UC Davis School of Medicine (SOM).

Beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act Became More Positive about it Once the Law was Implemented

April 2021

A new policy brief, authored by Adrienne Hosek, an assistant professor in the UC Davis Department of Political Science, from the UC Davis Center for Poverty & Inequality Research reveals how utilization of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—enacted as a means toward filling such gaps—has enhanced public support for the law and may, thereby, secure its future.

CHPR Doctoral Students Publish their Research

April 2021

Sarah Haynes and Eduard Poltavskiy, who when earning their doctoral degrees both worked under the supervision of Patrick Romano, M.D., M.P.H., a core faculty member with CHPR, have recently published their research in scientific journals. Dr. Poltavskiy is the lead author of “Predicting COVID-19 at skilled nursing facilities in California: do the stars align?” and Dr. Haynes is the lead author on “The use of telemedicine for stabilization of neonates transferred from rural community hospitals.” 

Update on COVID-19 Pilot Projects

April 2021

Research findings from two UC Davis pilot studies of how COVID-19 has impacted health-related services are being published in the scientific literature. These studies, along with three others, were supported by pilot grants co-sponsored by UC Davis’ Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR), Center for Health and Technology (CHT) and the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE).

Results of the “Every Aggie Together” Mask Contest are In

March 2021

“Why is it important to wear a mask?” UC Davis students, employees and faculty submitted more than 200 entries to answer that question during the “Every Aggie Together” Mask Contest, co-sponsored by the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR) and Campus Ready.

Diana Farmer Featured in Comstock’s “Women in Leadership” Issue

March 2021

Diana Farmer, chair of the Department of Surgery at UC Davis Health and a CHPR faculty member, is featured on the cover of this month’s Comstock’s magazine. Her inspiring story, as a medical innovator and pioneer—she was the world’s first female fetal surgeon—and head of a “team of more than 250 faculty, postdoctoral fellows, residents, students and other staff,” is featured in Comstock’s “annual salute to extraordinary women who are shaping our future.”

American Women Have Unequal Access to 3D Mammograms

March 2021

A new study, co-authored by CHPR faculty member Diana Miglioretti, reviews the advantages of 3D mammograms mentioned in the JAMA Network Open article describing the study include reduced “recall [to follow up on suspicious results] and increased cancer detection compared with [standard 2D] digital mammography (DM), depending on women’s age and breast density.”

Nationwide Survey Explores Predictors of Concerns about COVID-19 Vaccines

February 2021

The bad news, according to a UC Davis study published last week in Vaccine, is that nearly 15% of the U.S. residents surveyed said they were unlikely to, and another 23% were unsure as to whether they would, get vaccinated against COVID-19. Their primary basis for hesitation? Concerns about vaccine safety and effectiveness.

CHPR Co-Sponsors “Every Aggie Together” Mask Contest

January 2021

UC Davis, with support from the UC Davis Center for Healthcare Policy and Research (CHPR), has launched the “Every Aggie Together” Mask Contest, a competition to encourage UC Davis students, employees and faculty to produce public campaign messages that will encourage everyone to wear masks correctly and consistently.