UC Davis Health is vaccinating ages 12 and older

UC Davis Health is offering COVID-19 vaccines to anyone age 12 and older. Please use California’s MyTurn.ca.gov to schedule your vaccine appointment.

teenage girl getting COVID-19 vaccine

Things to know about COVID-19 vaccines

Get answers to the many questions you and your family have about the COVID-19 vaccines.

health care provider with patient

What you should know about COVID-19 

Learn the symptoms of novel coronavirus, what it means to have antibodies and how we're keeping you safe.

physician examining man doing a walking test

Long haulers: Why some experience long-term symptoms

Learn about long haulers, or people who experience COVID-19 symptoms, for weeks or months.

novel coronavirus (COVID-19) testing illustration

COVID-19 testing: How does it work?

Learn how the COVID-19 test is conducted, who should be tested and what we're doing to speed up testing capabilities. Get more information on rapid testing.

girls wearing masks

How COVID-19 is transmitted

Learn about the the spread of COVID-19, the possibility of asymptomatic people spreading the virus and more.

spraying disinfectant on surface

Novel coronavirus mistakes and myths

Learn what you may be doing wrong in protectecting against COVID-19 and what the science says.

drive-through covid-19 testing

Contact tracing and how it's limiting COVID-19 spread

Learn how contact tracing works, why the public plays a vital role and the potential scams to be aware of.