Beginning Monday April 27, 2020 all educators and staff who are teaching or attending training or education classes will implement the following screening and masking processes.

For offsite education/classes not held in the hospital:

  • All staff will complete the daily Qualtrics wellness symptom screening form or the Qualtrics Symptom Screening Fast Track Access Program prior to attending class.
  • Class participants will show one of the following to the course facilitator prior to entry (mobile or print form):
    • “Approved” status from daily screening, or
    • “Fast Track Participant Certificate”, or
    • Approval e-mail from the Fast Track Access program
  • Class participants who receive “Not Approved” status, may not attend the class.  Please notify your supervisor and reschedule the class or training.   
  • If you failed the symptom screening and selected YES for testing, someone from the testing center will call and schedule you within 24 hours.  
  • Class participants who are vaccinated, as evidenced by sticker, are not required to wear a mask.
  • Class participants who are not vaccinated will be required to bring to in-person classes their own social “comfort” (personal masks), which must be worn in accordance with California Department of Public Health guidance (updated per CDPH guidance - 11/16/2020). Masks are worn for the duration of in-person classes. Cloth masks are home laundered and worn again the following day if the class is more than a single day. If a class participant forgets

Active temperature monitoring is not done on site as the employee completing the symptom screening form are attesting that they do not have any fever prior to arriving to class.