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UC Davis conducts more than 2,000 research studies at any given time, including basic science, translational, and clinical trial research — all with the goal of bringing new, effective and safe treatments to patients more quickly. Use StudyPages to browse and connect with active recruiting studies at UC Davis Health.


Add a Study

To add a study to the database, UC Davis researchers must create an account with StudyPages. This is a simple two-step process: 1) login with your Kerberos ID, 2) complete a short application. You will receive an email confirmation within one business day.

Use your StudyPages account to add or edit a study. Instructions can be found in the Help section.

Participant Web Portal

This web portal provides prospective participants with extensive information about clinical trials.

Participate website

Clinical Research Educational Brochures

These brochures are designed for members of the community and contain helpful information about clinical trials.

clinical trail brochures