Yes, the CTSC administers three graduate level programs in clinical and translational research:

I am a scholar/fellow or director of a research training program or a clinical
fellowship program. Can I or my program trainees access your offerings?

Yes, usually, if the following criteria are met:

For course participation:

  • Trainees must meet the prerequisites for the course
  • Prior approval from course instructor is required as some courses have space
  • Course fees must be paid by trainee or trainee’s department through one of two ways:
    • by registering and paying for the course(s) through the UC Davis Extension
      Open Campus Program (UC Davis employees get a 20% discount)
    • registration through the regular campus course registration system if you
      are enrolled in a UC Davis graduate program

For program activities such as Monthly Scholar Research presentations or Works in-Progress meetings:

  • Prior approval from the faculty program director(s) is required
  • For graduate students enrolled in the Masters in Clinical Research program -
  • For graduate students enrolled in other UC Davis graduate programs – included in
    quarter tuition fees
  • For scholars not enrolled in a degree program - $300/unit through Open
    Campus; (UC Davis employees are eligible for a 20% discount)

Yes! Before you submit your grant, please contact the CTSC Research Education, Training and Career Development program for help in identifying the appropriate offerings for your proposed program

Mentored research training programs are open only to UC Davis affiliates. Non-UC Davis affiliates may apply to degree and certificate programs

Yes! The CTSC FUTURE program is a career exploration program designed for Ph.D. graduate students and postdocs. For more information contact the CTSC Research Education program or visit the FUTURE website.