Myka, Asher, Elliotte, Boucher triplets

Patient Stories

Rupa - Heart surgery patient

Rupa’s story

After discovering that her heart was failing, Rupa found a world-class surgeon who listened and considered her needs. Together, they built a plan that gave her the confidence to get through surgery.

Damian - Heart patient

Damian’s story

After being born with a rare heart defect, Damian overcame three open-heart surgeries with the help of pediatric specialists who provided life-saving care and support to him and his family.

Thomas - Stage IV cancer patient

Thomas’s story

After being diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, newlywed Thomas relied solely on his wife – who wouldn’t let him give up hope – and his physician, who wouldn’t give up on finding the answer.

Greg - Knee replacement patient

Greg’s story

When Greg’s biggest challenge went from winning triathlons to trying to make it through the day, he turned to orthopedic surgeons that helped him get back on his feet.

Myka, Asher, and Elliotte

The Boucher triplets story

When mom Amanda discovered she was pregnant with triplets, she turned to the best high-risk obstetrics doctors who safely delivered them during COVID-19.

Gianna - Pediatric cochlear implant patient

Gianna’s story

An extraordinary procedure led Gianna to become one of the youngest patients to ever receive cochlear implants. The science that led to the very first sound she ever heard.

Mike - Degenerative disc disease patient

Mike’s story

Mike has always been a pilot. First, performing search and rescue in the Coast Guard and later flying for a major airline. But when sitting became unbearable, our doctors came to his rescue.

Lizzy - Cancer patient

Lizzy’s story

After hardly being sick a day in her life and having no family history of cancer, 40-year-old Lizzy found herself hearing the words no one would expect to hear.

Jorge - Sarcoma patient

Jorge’s story

An extraordinary procedure to replace his diseased knee with his own healthy ankle would give him better mobility for a more active life.

Bodhi and Bear - Fetal surgery patients

Bodhi & Bear’s story

After a rare life-saving surgery while still in their mother's womb, two twin boys were saved by local experts before they were even born.

Julian - Sports Medicine patient

Julian’s story

When a sports injury placed Julian on the bench, a UC Davis Health doctor was able to get him back on the basketball court and in playing shape.

Our staff stories

Virpal - Employee and patient

Virpal’s story

I always said I wasn’t worried about not having UC Davis Health for my care because I could advocate for myself. Well, that all changed when I became extremely sick in January 2018.

Mike - Employee and patient

Mike’s story

Becoming first-time parents amid the COVID-19 pandemic, my wife and I needed all the extra help we could get with our little one! We are forever grateful to the doctors and nurses who took care of us.

Ann - Employee and patient

Ann’s story

When you’re young you choose care because it’s inexpensive, but as you get older or your hit with something that is so rare and unique, you realize you want to be at the best place possible.

Diana - Employee and patient

Diana’s story

Living with a chronic condition isn’t easy, that’s why I chose UC Davis Health. I wanted a health center that offers comprehensive services, a team-based approach to care and world-class doctors.

Lauren - Employee and patient

Lauren’s story

As a UC Davis Health employee, I know many of our health system’s doctors personally and trust them with my care. They’re all sensitive to ensuring I’m okay in my doctor visits.

Asha - Employee and patient

Asha’s story

My mom worked for UC Davis when I was a child, so we always had UC Davis Health care. When I started my own family, I chose UC Davis Health because I knew I would have access to the best.

Amanda - Employee and patient

Amanda’s story

I chose UC Davis Health for my care because I was unsatisfied with the care I was receiving at Kaiser. I felt like I wasn’t listened to or cared for thoughtfully, until I found my doctor.