Resources and Training for Scientists at UC Davis Health

Mission: Ensure support for faculty to build and maintain a successful and collaborative research career.

Resources: Provide tools to effectively navigate funding opportunities, develop and maintain long-term research programs, and advance collaborative team science.

Mentorship: Outreach to new research faculty to assess support, training, resource, and mentorship needs. Faculty Development also welcomes opportunities to sponsor topic-focused and thematic-mentorship events.

Training: Faculty and Collaborative Team Science (FACTS) program provides live courses on a wide range of topics including early-career development, building prosperous collaborations, and conveying science discoveries to the public and academic communities.

NIH Roadmap to Grant Success

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Meet our Director of Research

Cynthia M. Schumann, Ph.D.

Cynthia M. Schumann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The MIND Institute

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