The GME Team is here to help you... Please let us know how!

While the GME Office continues to work remotely, please see below for the list of Team members and their primary responsibilities.  If unsure who to contact, feel free to send general inquiries to hs-gmeoffice@ucdavis.eduThis is a shared mailbox so allow for up to 2 days for a response.   

If necessary, you may fax us at 916-734-2837.

For program information and training verifications please contact your Program Coordinator directly.

GME Administration

Susan Guralnick, M.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
Designated Institutional Official
Professor of Pediatrics

916-734-4066 |

Dr. Guralnick has the authority and responsibility for all UC Davis Health ACGME-accredited and non-ACGME-accredited GME programs, including those located at the Sacramento campus and all affiliate sites.

Dr. Guralnick is responsible for GME training activities, as well as operational and strategic planning for Graduate Medical Education at UC Davis Health.  Through this role, Dr. Guralnick ensures institutional compliance with program accreditation and Clinical Learning Environment (CLER) requirements, monitors and works to enhance resident/fellow wellness, and supports program leadership.

Ryan Traynham, M.B.A., Director, Graduate Medical Education

916-734-3526 |

Ryan Traynham is the principal administrative leader for graduate medical education, whose primary responsibility is to implement the vision set forth by the Designated Institutional Officer.

  • Affiliation Agreements
  • GME Finance & Budget
  • Housestaff & Fellowship Allocations

GME Development Resources

Annalisa Teixeira, Ph.D.,  Director, Resident and Fellow Development

916-734-4569 |

Dr. Teixeira supports residents and fellows in their personal and professional development: Academics, Productivity, Career/Leadership, and Communication. She offers individual coaching appointments as well as workshops to groups and programs. Learn more about coaching and sign up for a session (LINK).

GME Wellness Resources

Margaret Rea, Ph.D.,  Director, Office of Student and Resident Wellness

916-703-WELL (9355) |

Dr. Rea oversees the GME wellness opportunities which include facilitating access to medical and mental health services as well as providing ongoing wellness programming.

For more information and resources, visit the Wellness Program and UC Davis Resident, Fellow and Family Readiness Center (Kerberos required) websites. 

UC Davis Medical Center Residents and Clinical Fellows have counseling services available through the Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP). Two psychologists at ASAP, Dr. Uma Anand and Dr. Sheetal Shah, provide services that are designed specifically to support the unique needs of individuals in training. Please reach out to the Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) at 916-734-2727 to schedule an appointment with Drs. Anand and Shah. ASAP also has additional clinicians available to ensure trainees receive timely access to services. 

GME Team

Jennifer Cano, Credentialing & Business Office Analyst 

916-734-4270 |

  • Resident Credentialing
  • Ecotime / Duty Hours Compliance
  • UC Seal - Loan Deferments and Training Verifications
  • Manages Calendar for Designated Institutional Officer and GME Director
  • New Resident and Fellow EMR Training
  • On-Call Room, Work Room and Resident Fitness Center Management

Christine Edwards, M.S.L.I.S., GME Information Systems Analyst

916-703-6756 |

  • Data Analysis & Operational Projects
  • GME Web Master
  • MedHub System Administrator
  • New Resident and Fellow Orientation
  • Policy Management
  • Training Certificate Orders

Jackie Onyon, M.B.A., Institutional Coordinator – Non-ACGME Programs

916-734-1309 |

  • CLER-Related Initiatives
  • Non-ACGME-Sponsored Program Support
    • ECFMG / VISA Liaison
    • ERAS / NRMP
    • PLAs
  • House Staff Coordinator meetings

Marcia Pereira, Administrative Assistant 

916-734-7797 |

  • California Medical Board Liaison
  • In-Rotations and Out-Rotations (visiting residents/fellows and outside rotations)
  • Licensing Application
  • Notary Public
  • HousestaffReimbursements

Adam Peterson, M.B.A., Finance, Billing and Reimbursements Analyst

  • Affiliation Billing
  • Program Allocations
  • IRIS Data Integrity

Lori Simperman, Institutional Coordinator - ACGME Programs

916-734-0435 |

  • Institutional Accreditation Activities
    • Self-Studies
    • Site Visits
    • Surveys
    • Milestone Completion
    • Annual ADS
    • Case Logs
  • Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC)
  • ACGME-Sponsored Program Support
    • ECFMG / VISA Liaison
    • ERAS / NRMP
    • PLAs
  • Resident Medical Staff Committee (RMSC)
  • House Staff Coordinator meetings

    Lee Anne Xiong, M.A., Business Office Analyst

    916-734-7696 |

    • Affiliate Hospital Billing
    • MedHub Support & Data Integrity
    • Academic Year Business Processes
    • Housestaff Meal Program
    • Moonlighting Review

    Residency Program Human Resources 

    Resident Program Website

    Main Line:  916-734-1499

    Fax: 916-734-2756

    Holly Singleteary, HR Business Partner

    916-734-1499 |

    Please contact HR for questions regarding Residents and Clinical Fellows:

    • Employee Relations
    • Benefits
    • Maternity/Paternity Leave
    • Leave of Absensces
    • Human Resources Concerns

    Program Contacts

    Please contact the Program Coordinator or Program Director directly for information on a specific program or verification of previous training at UC Davis Health.