NEWS | November 6, 2020

Sacramento region experiencing rising COVID-19 infections

Public urged to remain mindful of continuing coronavirus danger


Mirroring other parts of the country, COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in the Sacramento region. Positivity rates for tests done by the UC Davis Health lab have more than doubled over the past month, from 1.5% to 4.4%.

COVID-19 testing show rates of infection are rising again in the Sacramento region. COVID-19 testing show rates of infection are rising again in the Sacramento region.

The rising rates of infection reflect an increase in community transmissions. UC Davis Health staff remain vigilant about infection protections and safety during this latest increase in cases. The health system is rigorously following CDC safety recommendations regarding masking, social distancing of 6 feet, and strict hand hygiene at work and in the community.

For the public, the rising number of cases also mean increased attention to proper masking, hand hygiene and isolation when ill (or just feeling ill) remains crucial.

As of today, the California rate of positive tests over the last two weeks is 3.4%. COVID19 cases are increasing in Sacramento and in Yolo, El Dorado, Placer, Sutter and San Joaquin counties. Sacramento County is at substantial transmission for COVID-19 with 4.3 percent of positivity (as of Oct. 31 and the prior 7 days).

The Thanksgiving holiday is approaching, and the weather is turning colder – meaning more people will be indoors, for longer periods of time, and there will be less that can be done outside, where better air flow seems to reduce the risk of infection spread. COVID-19 cases typically go up significantly in communities after a holiday due to family and friends gathering together. And, as we are seeing in colder parts of the country, there are increases in infection rates as people are spending less time outdoors.

Everyone should take extra care as the holiday season approaches. Keeping the safety of loved ones, co-workers, colleagues and classmates in mind is vital for grappling with the pandemic.  The steps to prevent COVID 19 infection do work. Now is the time to once again  ̶  or continue to  ̶  make sure the focus remains on preventing the spread of COVID-19.