NEWS | June 8, 2020

‘Deans Discuss: COVID-19’ podcast debuts, as Deans Brashear and Lairmore explore complexities of testing

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Starting from the earliest stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts at UC Davis have been working together to meet the challenge of this novel coronavirus – at the patient’s bedside, in the labs and across our society.

It’s an effort that has gathered innovators from across a spectrum of disciplines: virology, epidemiology, human health sciences, engineering, zoonotic diseases, animal model research and more.

To further underscore the intensely collaborative nature of that work, Dean of the School of Medicine Allison Brashear and Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine Michael Lairmore are teaming up on a new, weekly podcast, “Deans Discuss: COVID-19.”

In the lively and engaging first episode, which premiered today, Deans Brashear and Lairmore tackle some of the trickiest questions around COVID-19 testing: What are the technical and logistical challenges to testing? What’s a PCR test, versus an antibody test? How accurate are they? Should asymptomatic people get tested? Who should get tested? Should pets get tested?

Visit the podcast web page to hear the latest and subscribe; new episodes are made available on Mondays.