NEWS | June 9, 2020

UC Davis Health CEO, infectious disease expert discuss COVID-19 testing, vaccine, lessons learned (FB Live)

What progress have we made in stemming the COVID-19 pandemic? And what does the future hold, for the health system, the region, the country and the world?

David Lubarsky, vice chancellor of human health sciences and UC Davis Health CEO, and Stuart Cohen, chief of the division of infectious diseases and director of hospital epidemiology and infection control, answered these questions and many more during a wide-ranging, hour-long Facebook Live session.

Watch a recording of the conversation here.

They shared what we have learned thus far about the novel coronavirus, as well as COVID-19 symptoms and transmission. They also offered a glimpse forward to the months ahead, forecasting when a vaccine might be ready, and how it could be rolled out. With the research community united in purpose, Lubarsky voiced confidence in the continued development of better tests and treatments.

Learn more on the UC Davis Health coronavirus page, and check out the UC Davis Health Facebook page for more videos with our experts on a variety of health topics.