NEWS | June 2, 2020

School of Medicine honors dozens of students, residents and faculty with annual awards


Although the annual UC Davis School of Medicine awards banquet wasn’t held at the close of the school year last week, due to the coronavirus pandemic, dozens of students, residents, faculty members and a staff member are still being recognized for their outstanding contributions to the medical school.

The awards are normally announced a few days before graduation, and at commencement, which was Friday.

There are more than 100 award winners.

“I am continually inspired by the tremendous talent at the School of Medicine,” said Dean Allison Brashear. “These awards for students and faculty members are well-deserved and they are a testament to the dedication that it takes to be among the nation’s top medical schools.”

Here is a list of the awards and their honorees:

Student Awards

School of Medicine Medal
Kelsey L. Millar

Golden Goblet Award
Megan M. Byrne

Loren D. Carlson Endowed Scholarship Research Award
Alanna M. Dubrovsky

Eli Benjamini Endowed Fund for Biological Sciences
Kelsey L. Millar
Jacob W. Loeffler

O.M.E. Medical Student Scholarship Award
Vivian Tang

Rena & Gabriel Smilkstein Humanitarian Award
Giovani M. Zelada

J.T. Simon Lie, MD Memorial Scholarship Award
Jessica Terrell

Merck Manual Award 
Mimi Nguyen
Alton W. Skaggs
Brian J. Vasquez

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, Class of 2020
Rachel Bent
Jason Blanks
Shaila Bonanno
Megan Byrne
Tyree Davie
Luis Fernandez
Wyatt Hanft
Megan Humphrey
Young Il Kang
Linda Kang
Karen Leung
Jacob Loeffler
Kelsey Millar
Erika Cristina Monterroza
Lee Nguyen
Mimi Nguyen
Alisha Othieno
Alton Skaggs
Jessica Terrell
Brian Vasquez
Jasmeen Visla

Gold Humanism Honor Society, Class of 2020
Megan M. Byrne
Tyler K. Carcamo
Tyree O. Davie
Estelle L. Dolan
Kirsten M. Douglass
Sydnie A.T. Espiritu
Evelin R. Gonzalez
Young I. Kang
Santiago Lombo Luque
Pauline Nguyen
Alisha A. Othieno
Andy Shen
Leah A.P. Timbang
Brian J. Vasquez
Jasmeen K. Visla
Mohammed Umer A. Waris
Brenda T. Wu
Joseph A. Yoon

Allan T. Nunn, MD Memorial Scholarship Award
Young I. Kang

Helen McConnell Palthe Fellowship Award
Rachel Bent
Alanna Dubrovsky
Trevor Haas
Linda Kang
Garrett Peck

Mansoor Ally Memorial Scholarship Award
Megan Humphrey

James Franklin McManus Scholarship Award
Wyatt Hanft

San Joaquin Valley Prime Endowed Scholarship Award
Daisy Manzo

Healing Arts Award
Estelle Dolan

AMWA Glasgow-Rubin Citation for Academic Achievement
Rachel Bent
Megan Byrne
Kelsey Millar
Lee Nguyen
Mimi Nguyen
Jessica Terrell
Vanessa Vinoya

Department Awards

Outstanding Medical Student In Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine
Sebastian Ayala
Kevin N. Nguyen

Outstanding Medical Student In Biochemistry
Rachel E. Bent

The Department Of Cell Biology And Human Anatomy Barry F. King Memorial Award
Kelsey L. Millar

The Society Of Academic Emergency Medicine Award In Excellence
Kirsten M. Douglass

Family & Community Medicine Award In Excellence
Tyree O. Davie

Ernest M. Gold Award For Excellence In Internal Medicine
Darius M. Billingsley
Megan M. Byrne

Outstanding Medical Student In Nephrology
Naseem S. Rad

Outstanding Medical Student In Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alisha A. Othieno
Jasmeen K. Visla

Outstanding Medical Student In Orthopaedic Surgery
Kelsey L. Millar
Brian J. Vasquez

Crystie Halsted Award For Excellence In Pediatrics
Vanessa M.J. Vinoya

Outstanding Medical Student In Pharmacology
Jacob W. Loeffler

Outstanding Medical Student In Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Miesha Farahmand

Peter M. Cala Outstanding Medical Student In Physiology & Membrane Biology
Trevor Hinshaw

Award For Excellence In Public Health Sciences
Priya Hossain
Walid M. Sherif

Heineman Award for Excellence in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Brian K. McGarry

Russell A. McFall, M.D. Excellence In Radiology Award
Olga Slabchak

Outstanding Medical Student In Surgery
Olga Slabchak

Rural PRIME Outstanding Medical Student Award
Jordan T. Rode

SJV PRIME Outstanding Medical Student Award
Tyler K.J. Carcamo

TEACH-MS Outstanding Medical Student Award
Giovani M. Zelada

2020 Excellence In Public Health Award By The U.S. Public Health Sciences
Enid Picart

The Doctoring Award
Shaila M. Bonanno
Darius M. Billingsley
Wyatt J. Hanft
Adrienne M. Maguire
Leah A.P. Timbang

Outstanding Teaching Awards Resident Medical Staff

Emergency Medicine
Molly Hallweaver, MD

Family Medicine
Kate Richards, M.D.

Internal Medicine
Reika Miyokawa, M.D.

Obstetrics & Gynecology
Keyon Mitchell, M.D.

Kelsey McLean, M.D.

James Jung, M.D.

Christina Theodorou, M.D.

Staff Award

Golden Bladder Award
Darolyn Striley

Faculty Awards

C. John Tupper Prize for Excellence in Teaching
Theodore Wun, M.D.

Hibbard Williams Extraordinary Achievement Award
Nathan Kuppermann, M.D., M.P.H.

Kaiser Teaching Award
Excellence in Teaching Basic Sciences: Colleen Sweeney, Ph.D.
Excellence in Teaching Clinical Sciences (Full-time faculty): Melody Hou, M.D., M.P.H.
Excellence in Teaching Clinical Sciences (Volunteer faculty): Jeffrey Skilling, M.D.

Class of 2020 Best Instructor Award
Best Basic Sciences Instructor: Kristin A. Olson, M.D.
Best Clinical Instructor: Paul B. Aronowitz, M.D.
Best Volunteer Clinical Instructor: Robert Quadro, M.D.