NEWS | January 8, 2021

Year of the Nurse blog, Jonathan Moomey: ‘It always goes back to being there for others’

Jonathan Moomey

As a manager, UC Davis Health’s Jonathan Moomey strives to provide all employees – nurses, lab scientists, data managers, and others – with the environment they need to care for patients and create opportunities for professional and personal growth.

For Jonathan, one such instance occurred early in his career, when he was a nurse in a small ER. The hospital chaplain, a “sweet, sweet old man,” came to the ER as a patient, and it was clear he wasn’t doing well. And although Jonathan had the mentality of “save people no matter what,” the chaplain grabbed his hands and said, between labored breaths, “Jon, slow down….”

Hear Jonathan describe, in his own words, the unforgettable lesson that the chaplain imparted during his final hours.

In celebration of Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday in 2020, we celebrate the Year of the Nurse with a special blog featuring the stories, memories and motivations of UC Davis Health nurses.

Hear their words, and get to know why and how they invest such heart, passion, expertise and commitment in their life-changing work.