Meet the Master Educators

Fernando Santana, Ph.D.
Department: Physiology and Membrane Biology

I developed a passion for education by watching my father and mother teach. They taught elementary school children in a small town in the middle of Puerto Rico for nearly 40 years. I learned from them how rewarding teaching could be, but also that to do it well it required a lot of work and dedication. As a Master Educator, my goal is to apply these lessons and provide cutting-edge training and educational opportunities for our students. With colleagues, I will find ways to infuse basic, fundamental scientific knowledge in the curriculum so that our students have the information they need to make fact-based clinical decisions for their patients. 

Paul Aronowitz, M.D.
Department: Internal Medicine
Areas of Focus in Master Educator Role: Physical Examination, Clinical Reasoning, Clinical Images in Education, Clinical Case integration with basic science

I wanted to work in the Academy of Master Clinical Educators because it allows me to focus on specific areas of the medical school curriculum that sometimes don’t get as much attention as they deserve.  Most of these areas involve refining clinical skills, including the art of observation, physical exam and clinical reasoning.

Melody Hou, M.D.
Department: Obestetrics and Gynecology
Areas of Focus in Master Educator Role: Basic science integration with clinical medicine; clinical skills and reasoning; student assessment

I love the science and art of medicine, both the evidence and the uncertainty of it.  Sharing this with students, showing them how to best embrace and integrate this apparent dichotomy, is a challenge I enjoy.

Russell Jones, M.D.
Department: Emergency Medicine
Areas of Focus in Master Educator Role: Post-clerkship curriculum

I have been interested in the practical aspect of medical education for nearly a decade.  It all began while working with students at the University of Michigan in the latter two years of my residency.  I enjoy discussing patients with students and seeing their progression through medical school and residency.  They also keep me on my toes by asking difficult questions!  My interest in curriculum started after taking over the Emergency Medicine rotation from Dr. Laurin in 2013.  I enjoy trying new teaching methods such as simulation and FOAMed to enhance learning.  As a Master Educator, I hope to further impact student education especially in the post-clerkship phase of their UCD experience.  We have excellent, motivated students as well as some of the leading faculty educators in the world.  Finding ways to improve learning for both parties is of the utmost importance to me in this role. 

Theresa Murdock-Vlautin, M.D.
Department: Pediatrics
Areas of Focus in Master Educator Role: Clinical skills development and student assessment

As a Master Clinical Educator, there is an opportunity to strengthen the curriculum that will be utilized to educate our students.  I love having the ability to enhance student learning and to watch our students grow as they apply all of this knowledge to become amazing physicians that will care for the people in our communities.

Mark Henderson, M.D.
Department: Internal Medicine
Areas of Focus in Master Educator Role: Site/Faculty Site Development

My most influential role models were teachers (including my mother), who inspired me to illuminate the central role patients play in the education of young physicians. Showing students and residents how to conduct themselves and learn from patients is my principal motivation as a medical educator.