The Career Advising Program at UC Davis School of Medicine provides information, resources, and experiences so you can make informed decisions about your academic success, career exploration and residency match. Our team includes the Career Advisor, Academic Coaches, Specialty Advisors and Residency Advisor.

Career Advisor

Your advisor is your first stop for any questions when adjusting to medical school. Your advisor offers general advising about career exploration, helps you clarify your goals and priorities, offers shadowing opportunities, and reviews the AAMC career advising resources. Your advisor also helps you in building your CV by discussing various extracurricular activities and help edit your CV and personal statement for the residency application process.

You are required to meet with your academic coach three times each year to explore career opportunities and work on improving your clinical skills. Your academic coach can support you when you are trying to narrow down your career options or when you are considering new careers.  In addition, coaches will review your academic progress as well as your professional and personal goals, and they will help you develop short- and long-term plans, prioritizing professional satisfaction and personal well-being.  

Specialty advisors are faculty members from specific departments who can help you explore opportunities in their department. The specialty advisor can help explain opportunities available within that field, help you decide on elective rotations in that area, and connect you to mentors who share your interests.  During the application process, specialty advisors can help you in identifying letter writers, discuss your competitiveness for the field, and offer specific advice about the residency application process.

Residency Advisors

The Associate Dean for Students (ADS) serves as a residency advisor and oversees the Career Advising Process.  The ADS will meet with every 4th year students to help guide them with the residency application process and is available for any questions that pertain to the residency selection.

Career Advising Sessions

Career Advising sessions are held throughout the year to help you explore different specialties. These sessions consist of Workshops, Panel Discussions, Webinars, Mock Interviews and Student-Faculty Dialogue Series with physicians from various specialties who discuss career options, ways in which students might explore various fields, and ways to enhance their residency application.

  • Shadowing: UC Davis SOM faculty members can help arrange shadowing opportunities for UC Davis School of Medicine students in pre-clerkship years. Interested students may contact Woubejig Shiferaw, for assistance.
  • Student Interest Groups (SIGs): UC Davis SOM have several specialty-based SIGs that students can join to learn more about different specialties and subspecialties. The SIGs website has a full list of all specialty SIGs.

Careers in Medicine

In addition to the UC Davis School of Medicine resources, the AAMC Careers in Medicine Program offers a comprehensive web-based program that students may choose to use to help them with specialty choice. This program focuses on four phases of career planning

Phase 1: Understanding Yourself

Phase 2: Exploring Options

Phase 3: Choosing a Specialty

Phase 4: Getting into Residency