The UC Davis School of Medicine will accept applications for the 2021-2022 AY based on AAMC guidelines. Visit for more information. The UC Davis School of Medicine will only offer rotations beginning June 28, 2021 or later.

Visiting rotation slots will be offered to these students only if doing so does not impact rotation availability for our current UC Davis School of Medicine medical students. A maximum of one elective at UC Davis Health will be allowed per visiting student

Last updated 4/16/2021

UC Davis School of Medicine welcomes eligible fourth year visiting medical students' participation in our fourth-year electives as space permits.


  • We do not accept visiting students for any required/core clerkships or required courses in the medical school curriculum.
  • We do not accept international students for clinical experiences
  • All visiting clinical elective experiences must be coordinated through the Visiting Medical Student Program. Please do not contact faculty or administrative staff directly to attempt to arrange clinical experiences.
  • Admission into the Visiting Student Program does not constitute admission or matriculation into the UC Davis School of Medicine.
  • Visiting medical students applying for fourth year clinical electives must have completed courses comparable to the UC Davis School of Medicine third year curriculum.
  • Any expenses required for disability accommodation of a visiting student must be borne by the student's home institution. Please refer to technical standards (PDF).

Selection Process

Applications for fourth year electives are considered on a very limited basis. There are several factors that our school considers in accepting visiting students, including but not limited to:

  • Space considerations and capacity to accommodate additional students.
  • Institutional reciprocity (i.e., whether the application is from a student attending a medical school where there are also opportunities for UC students to pursue elective opportunities students).
  • Institutional training agreements that may involve broader institutional partnerships.

If there is site capacity, the following prioritization for student placement applies:

  • First priority will always be given to UCD medical students for all clinical clerkships, electives, acting internships and laboratory rotation/experiences.
  • Second priority will be for medical students from sister University of California Medical Schools (UCSF, UCSD, UCR, UCLA and UCI).
  • Third priority will be for medical students from LCME accredited U.S. Medical Schools that offer UCD medical students a reciprocal opportunity for clinical or research electives in their third and fourth years.
  • Fourth priority will be for international medical students who are part of the Visiting International Scholars Program through the Global Health Initiative exchange program sponsored by the School of Medicine.
  • Medical students not in the above categories will be considered if openings exist and with approval from the Vice Dean for Medical Education, the respective Department Chair, and the responsible supervising faculty member.