Bertha Ramirez-Preciado

It’s about the whole family

For Bertha, being a nurse means you work with the whole family and lead with compassion.

portrait of Bertha Ramirez-Preciado, nurse at UC Davis Health


I have another family that I work really closely with in Truckee, and just this past fall when her ... She was a volleyball player so her senior night I just showed up. Yeah, so it was really neat and she was shocked to see me there, and I said, "You know, you probably don't want me here but I just I have to see you get through this stage." And mom and I cried many times because yeah, her kidney disease, we can't always pinpoint when it's the time to start dialysis. Sometimes it happens just like that.

And even though the families know it's coming, it's not always easily acceptable. So just to be part of that. And then when they transferred it's like a bittersweet moment because they leave by program, but I get to see them still come for the follow up visits. So it's nice that I work with, the whole team works together with that, yeah. And I tell the students that sometimes we get some of the SAC state students and I always tell them, "This is something you can't learn. It just comes, you know? Yeah. Be book smart, but think of the family. Give them their dignity right until the end. Respect."