Graduated Class of
Graduated Class of
Graduated Class of
Maximum entering class size (as approved by ARC-PA) 65 65
Entering class size
67 65 65
Graduates 62 60 64
* Attrition rate 4.5% 4.6% 1.5%
**Graduation rate 95% 95% 98%

In accordance with the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc., (ARC-PA)  Standard A3.12i, the table above is information about student attrition that is required to be published. 

When the entering class size is larger than the approved ARC-PA class size, it is a result of current student(s) continuing in the program by joining the next cohort because of various circumstances. The program has never exceeded the maximum capacity of 65 students by over-enrolling the class during the admissions process.


Entering class size: Number of students newly enrolled for the admission cycle plus number of students who are reentering from a different cohort.

Attrition rate calculation per ARC-PA:  Number of students from the entering class who did not complete the program, either due to dismissal or withdrawal, plus number of students from the entering class who left their cohort due to deceleration or leave of absence.

Cohort attrition: The Total Attrition divided by the entering class size

Graduation rate: The number of graduates divided by the entering class size to determine the cohort graduation rate.