Heather M. Young Postdoctoral Fellow
Specialty: Promotion of health and overall well-being for older family caregivers

Schola MatovuSchola Matovu is an inaugural Heather M. Young Postdoctoral Fellow in the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis mentored by Professor and Dean Emerita Heather M. Young. Her research is focused on the promotion of health, overall well-being and quality of life of older family caregivers.

As a Ugandan native, raised by her grandmother, Matovu experienced first-hand the poverty and witnessed the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Ugandan population, especially among older family caregivers. This formative experience initiated her interest in contributing to the reduction of health disparities among underserved populations, particularly older adults with caregiving responsibilities. Matovu’s predoctoral training at UCSF explored the experiences and psychosocial well-being of older Ugandan grandparent-caregivers for grandchildren affected by HIV/AIDS.

For more than 18 years now, Matovu has derived great professional satisfaction in caring for patients in nursing homes, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and in-home settings. She is also an active member of several national and international professional organizations, such as Sigma Theta Tau International Society, the Gerontological Society of America and the Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science. She also assumes multiple leadership roles. She co-founded the Nurse-to-Nurse Global Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower nurses in the global community in seeking professional development that enhances their growth and promotes the health and dignity of the patient populations that they serve. Matovu continues to seek advancement of her research program; advocacy for underprivileged patient populations and the nursing profession; and engagement in interprofessional collaborations.

Matovu earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from San Francisco State University and later both a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing degrees from UCSF.

Contact information: Email: snmatovu@ucdavis.edu