The UC Davis Department of Radiology offers our residents and faculty many opportunities for global radiology outreach. Our focus is on education, since we believe that is the most sustainable way to share our knowledge with colleagues in resource-limited countries. Rebecca Stein-Wexler MD, Section Chief of Pediatric Radiology and Director of Global Radiology Education and Outreach, oversees the following programs:

State University of Haiti Hospital

Dr Stein-Wexler (in glasses) teaches radiology residents how to perform and interpret neonatal head ultrasound.

For eight years, our radiology residents, faculty, and alumni have helped build a robust educational program at the only radiology residency in Haiti. We offer:

One week trips for UC Davis faculty, alumni, and senior residents to teach radiology residents. Six resident trips so far, plus more after Covid!

  • Jennifer Chang, now Residency Program Director
  • Gabriel Runner
  • Colin Randau
  • Ellen Cheang
  • Michael Doherty
  • Daniel Goff 


Daniel Goff teaching residents in Haiti

Dr Jennifer Chang (in blue dress) teaches chest imaging to Haitian radiology residents and faculty.

Dr Gabriel Runner teaches at a computer donated by another UC Davis radiology resident.

Dr Gabriel Runner teaches at a computer donated by another UC Davis radiology resident.

Daniel Goff teaching residents in Haiti

Dr Daniel Goff  (seated at computer) lectures on musculoskeletal tumors.

Dr Mike Saint-Louis (to left of instructor) studies pediatric imaging for one month elective at UC Davis.Month-long focused electives at UC Davis for senior Haitian radiology residents (14 visitors so far, more after Covid)

UCD residents can host and mentor our visitors

Opportunities for UC Davis radiology residents and faculty to participate in on-line education

Radiology residencies in Kathmandu, Nepal

This new program offers UC Davis faculty and residents the opportunity to travel to Nepal for one-to-two week visits. We offer sub-specialty intensive radiology lectures to radiology residents and faculty at several hospitals in Kathmandhu.

Radiology residency in Guyana

This is a new program for UC Davis radiology residents. Developed by pediatric radiologist Dr Kayla Cort, it provides UC Davis radiology residents the opportunity to travel with our faculty to teach at a brand new residency in Guyana. 

Other opportunities

Dr Gary Tse provides a preliminary interpretation for a CT abdomen during RadAid trip to Malawi.As a member of Rad-Aid, UC Davis Radiology also offers residents the opportunity to participate in outreach trips that are sponsored by this organization. UCD radiology resident Gary Tse taught in Malawi. David Douglas traveled to Kenya to practice radiology under an RSNA grant.